We work collaborately with management and employees to improve business and/or organizational performance.

Our project performance specialists have three tiers of service tailored to meet the needs of businesses of different size, complexity, and lifecycle:

Basic Plan
Business plan evaluation. This includes stategic and organizational due diligence. Assessments will cover performance measurement, cash-flow needs and working capital needs.  We also optimize liquidity, solvency and profitability ratios.

Strategic Performance Review
This comprehensive review will analyze key drivers of performance, evaluation of operational options, evaluation of financial options, with the additional service of development of operational opportunities that fit with industry opportunities. Includes quarterly and/or annual checkup. We can also develop benchmarks for organic growth. The technical staff can assist with the design and installation of information systems to support efficient operations. We specialize in cross-functional integration.

Platinum Plan
Complete analytics and implementation of a business plan incorporating new business strategies to fit the resources of the organization to strategic goals.
Brandon Hamilton has a Doctor of Business Administration from Argosy University.
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