Consultants to Organizations, Government and Businesses since 1975 - Over 40 Years!  

Satisfying customers takes efficient, responsive professional services; here's what we can do for you:
Welcome to Hamilton's Solutions
  • Develop strategies across all functional areas 
  • Design information technology infrastructures 
  • Respond to changing market conditions
  • Create customer-centric, organic growth cultures
  • Apply information from functional areas for fully informed decision making
  • Unleash the creative potential of your employees as innovators
Key Performance Measurements
This boutique management consulting company end-to-end business solutions and decision-making frameworks, measuring achievements in 10 key areas: 
Identification of priorities
Market analysis
Advice for leveraging technology
Competitor analysis
Operations analysis
The company has consulted for Los Angeles Department of Health Services, UCLA Medical Center, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Harley Davidson and more
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Analysis of company processes
Analysis of organizational structures
Identify growth strategies
Identify tolerance for risk
Product/service life cycle analysis
Business Plan Evaluation
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Comprehensive Business Analysis

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Complete Development of a Business Plan
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Basic Plan
Strategic Performance Review
Platinum Plan